The Truth About Evolution and Religion is a YouTube video that sheds light on the conflict about the teaching of evolution in the United States. Peer-reviewed articles, biology textbooks, and scholarly works are quoted to show: 1) Evolutionary biology studies only the bodies of human beings, not their souls. 2) Natural selection only explains the adaptation of animals to their environment, not common descent.

I am on the list of speakers of The Shroud of Turin Website and have published a slideshow about the Holy Shroud on the internet.

My essays and reviews of books have been published in The Church of England Newspaper, Spero News, Sight Magazine,, ReligionAndSpirituality, and the Midwest Book Review.

I graduated from Fordham College in 1964 with a B. S. in physics and from New York University in 1971 with a Ph. D. in physics. My work history in business and education is on my public profile at LinkedIn.

On September 16, 2011, I had the opportunity to express my ideas about politics and religion on the internet. This is the link to the podcast.

My version of the cosmological proof of God's existence is a page on my blog at On this blog I keep track of my comments on discussion boards, forums, and blogs.


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